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In the United States, 100 people die every day due to gun violence. That sort of declaration should come with disgust, horror or shock. But most likely, it didn’t. What will it take for us to care about the numbers again?

Location New York
Partner Agencies
Date 04.13.20
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Project Summary

In the United States, 100 people die every day due to gun violence. What will it take for us to care about the numbers again? This project, named 100 Every Day, calls for creatives to make an original poster that expresses this horrifying statistic. This project isn’t asking for restrictions to Constitutional Rights, but issuing a call for stronger common sense legislation that can help save lives.

100 Every Day, launched in collaboration with creative agency Ueno and creative development agency Van Holtz Co, features submission-based original artwork protesting these horrific numbers. Additional campaign support came from Funsize, McGarrah Jessee, Hypergiant, Hyperakt, Upstatement, Alright Studio, The Black Sheep Agency, NUU Group, Janitor Creative Studio, Craft CMS and Awwwards. Not to mention support from all who played a part at Good Measure's NYC event, and those who submitted artwork.

The site enables anyone to create and submit their artwork to represent gun violence and share it with the world. 100 Every Day received more than 100 submissions and more than 20,000 visitors to the site in the first month, so we believe that’s happening. More to come.

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  • We’re just a group of creative people who think that 100 people shouldn’t die everyday from gun violence. This isn’t the solution. It’s a means to inform, to encourage, and to cry and create together.”

    Excerpt from 100 Every Day's website

More than 100 creatives gathered at Ueno’s office in New York City to set the vision and initial strategy for 100 Every Day — over 72 hours. Once solidified, a team assembled to work on the site concept: Good Measure, Van Holtz Co., Kiu Yi, Alex Van Holtz and Raphael Rauwolf all donated their time to create the site, which launched on July 22.

Once submitted, posters are displayed on the 100 Every Day website with a name, title and brief explanation of the artwork, and can be easily be shared on social media. And while the artwork is digitized and available for public viewing currently, a second phase of the campaign is in motion.

The Work The Work The Work The Work


Campaign Identity

The style of the brand and materials uses a CMYK-color scheme with a nod to printing registration — which is how overlapping colors form an image. As you scroll through the artwork on the homepage, a chromatic aberration effect makes the primary colors of the images separate, a reference to the dizzying affect of these numbers.


Campaign Website

User-submitted artwork is front and center and can be shared on social media. Through content animations, dynamic loading, page transitions and smooth scrolling, the site is easy to browse, quickly educating visitors about ways to help contribute and spread awareness. The website is powered by Craft CMS, who also partnered with us on this project and donated a pro license.

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A big shout out to our agency partners.
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