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How can thoughtfully structured curriculum, focused on social-emotional learning and supplemented by the greatest athletes in the world, build soft skills in students to help them to be more resilient humans?

Location Austin, Texas
Date 04.13.20
Type Of Project
  • Branding
  • Collateral
  • Website

Project Summary

Only 4% of teachers in the United States are using social and emotional learning — the idea that kids and teachers will have a greater availability to learn (and teach) if their self management and social skills are fully developed. The philosophy is about developing and caring for the whole child, not just focusing on particular test scores and classroom obedience. And it’s incredibly effective, but underutilized.

Classroom Champions is a mentorship program that pairs K-8 classes with athletes to help kids shine in and out of school. Each athlete is trained to help mentor students and inspire them to develop skills like goal-setting, perseverance, teamwork, decision making, belonging and giving back to the community. Think of it as a 21st-century pen-pal program, in schools and made possible through technology. The relationship developed helps students become better students and more resilient humans overall.

  • Campaign Development
  • Campaign Microsite
  • Pitch Deck Design
  • Poster Design
  • Social Content
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  • Swag and Merch
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(Friday) 7:00pm — Project Kick Off Funsize
  • What Good Measure has created is truly a light in an industry that can feel darker and darker. Keep your eyes on them.”

    Kaitlin Maud, Founder (Current Forward)


Austin showed up. With more than 75 participants and four agency partners, Classroom Champions' founder, Steve Mesler. A three-time American Olympian, Steve led his team to gold at the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympic Games in 4-man bobsled. A lucky few even got to lug around his gigantic gold medal for awhile.

  • Titles didn't exist. It was good work in an environment where we all felt like we knew each other — even though it was only a weekend.”

    Pedro Peguero Jr. (Participant)


Work in Progress

With six (or so) distinct creative teams, there's always a million things happening simultaneously. Over 72 hours, teams are constantly communicating in order to ensure that decisions are strategically tight and collectively championed.


  • 07:00pm — Welcome to Funsize
  • 8:00pm — Concept Development


  • 10:30am — Visual Design
  • 1:00pm — UX and Content Strategy


  • 12:00pm — Final Creative Review

The Work The Work The Work The Work


Campaign Identity

Inspired by the tactile construction paper found laying around an elementary school classroom, the bright colors and abstract shapes developed kept in mind the main audience and primary beneficiaries of the work: the kids.


Campaign Material

To ensure that participating teachers (and interested ones) had what they needed to convince school management of Classroom Champions' efficacy, we developed a full tookit of material and associated microsite of supporting information.


Website Design

A microsite for the campaign was launched, hosting a thoughtful toolkit for teachers who needed to sample the curriculum in order to convince leadership at their schools to buy into the program.

Project Press

A big shout out to our agency partners.
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